Made Well

I am learning that there are many little ways that God shows His love for me. Yesterday I had a full blown melt down that seemed to come out of left field. One of those ugly cries that you can’t stop from coming out. I was feeling a lot of disappointment from certain things happening in my work life, my emotions/hormones felt uncontrollable (fab life of being a woman), and the weight of a hard relationship in my life finally overtook me. The tears started rolling down and then I  lost it. Thankfully, my boyfriend had given me his sunglasses so that nobody in the park could see my “raccoon-eyes” from the mascara that was rubbing off (another lovely perk of womanhood). I felt so bad because he had planned an incredible fall themed date for us. Walking in the park, drinking coffee, and then carving pumpkins later at my place. Every girls dream, right?! I tried so hard to contain my emotions that were brewing inside of me because I didn’t want to ruin this perfect date. However, when the crazy hits, there is no stopping it.

I quickly veered off to the nearest bench to release the pressure about to explode in my throat and chest. I sat there and cried while my boyfriend held me, prayed over me, and spoke words of encouragement to me. As if that wasn’t a gift in itself, a dog strayed away from it’s owner and came over to us. His tail was wagging with excitement and it brought healing to my soul as the dog nuzzled up against me and allowed me to pet him. I knew it was God’s way of cheering me up and showing me that He loves me so much. I believe God whispered to my heart that He sees me, He is aware of my pain, and He is in control. The book that I’m reading, “Made Well” by Jenny Simmons is teaching me how to see God in the little moments of life. Yesterday I saw Him and felt Him with me in the form of snuggling on a park bench with an amazing man and the unexpected wet kisses from an excited puppy dog. I was made well and received healing in that moment. Thank You, Jesus.